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Five Smart Home Devices You Should Add to Your Space in 2023

Five Smart Home Devices You Should Add to Your Space in 2023

Monday, October 31, 2022

It's difficult to get out of bed and head to work before the winter sun rises. However, with the help of smart home appliances, you can quickly put yourself in a better frame of mind by turning on your favorite music, lighting the corridors, or starting the kettle for a warm cup of tea that's ready when you enter the kitchen.

If you enjoy technology, you most likely already own a few "smart" appliances. Even so, you probably know someone who does, even if you don't have kids. In a report released in October, Parks Associates, a startup consumer technology research company, polled 10,000 internet-connected US households and discovered that 27% had purchased a smart home gadget in the preceding year.

Even if you don't currently own a smart device, you could be considering purchasing one. According to the same study, 44% of American households intend to purchase a smart home gadget in the upcoming year. And according to a recent survey by the Underfloor Heating Store, with about 4.2 billion views, "smart house" is by far the most popular home renovation-related trend observed on TikTok. Videos about "improved outdoor areas," the second-most popular home renovation phrase, had only a meager 260,900 views in comparison.

Here are five smart home devices you should add to your space in 2023:

Smart light bulbs

Smart showerhead

Wifi irrigation controls

Smart locks

Smart diffuser